Press Release

January 16, 2010


1st February – 6th February 2010

Private View: Wednesday 3rd Feb 6pm – 11pm

Art’s Bar, 25a Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8TR

Changeling revisits journeys to adulthood and explores our relationship to the mythical and elusive space and time of childhood through the works of five female artists. Clarisse d’Arcimoles, Lora Hristova, Amélie Mourgue d’Algue and Zizi exhibit new work with poetry by Sabrina Mahfouz. Personal experience is embellished by the terrifying and fantastical inspiration of fairy tales and the boundaries between ages become fluid as girls morph into women and adults regress to infancy. Through painting, photography, sculpture, text and spoken word, Changeling questions how memories of youth are revived, warped or forgotten and what their influence is on our adult lives.

Clarisse d’Arcimoles’ photographs revisit old images and locations in an attempt to reconnect with the past. By re-staging old family snapshots she draws attention to the changes in ourselves and our surroundings that are usually too gradual to notice. Fascinated with the irretrievability of the past and the ability of photography to make memories tangible Clarisse’s practice uses time as a collaborative partner, accepting its discrepancies and playing with the results.

Lora Hristova’s mixed media practice explores the female subconscious and it’s role in shaping identity. Using narrative as a driving force for ideas she attempts to illustrate mental conflict, self reflection and the delicate boundary between neurosis and sanity. A dollhouse changes from childhood toy into adult obsession and quietly unnerving scenes accompany written streams of a disturbed consciousness.

Amélie Mourge d’Algue takes inspiration from her experiences and those collected from others. Seeking the universal in the singular these anecdotal tales are weaved into a exploration of society and politics. Combining a variety of mediums from collage to sound, found objects and text, Amélie’s current work is concerned with the emotional ambivalence and social ambiguity associated with contemporary motherhood. 

Zizi’s beautiful but sinister paintings surround and conceal female forms and faces with overgrown organic shapes and twisting webs of colour. Comparing the reproductive phases in plants to the female life cycle of humans, the process of seed-flower-fruit mirrors the transition from girl into woman. Loss of innocence grows into the cynicism of maturity while erotic desire and sensuality become tinged with a quiet predatory danger.

Sabrina Mahfouz is an award-winning poet, producer, playwright and journalist who has recently read her poetry on BBC Radio 1 as well as performing all over the country. Currently working on her first poetry collection Sabrina’s style is direct and provocative. Accompanied by the cherished books from her past she charts the turbulent years of leaving behind childhood games and entering the stark reality of adult responsibility. 


Address: Art’s Bar, 25a Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8TR

Opening Times: Mon-Thur 6pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 8pm til late.

Directions: Only 20 mins from Vauxhall or Oval tube station. Just take the 436 or 36 Bus to Camberwell Church Street. Art’s Bar is situated above the Funky Munky pub.

Please Note: The Gallery is open by appointment only so unless visiting on the private view night (Wed 3rd) please call Tracy before you set off on – 07980 331 158 –